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    Online Learning is our long-term independent ҹѰ study option. Students must be enrolled and attend for a minimum of 15 days. Online Learning allows students to participate in most of their instructional time synchronously, attending "live" sessions with their teacher(s) and asynchronously (independently.) Students in grades K-5 participate synchronously at least two (2) times a day with a teacher. Students in grades 6-8 synchronously participate at least two (2) times per week for each course. Students in grades 9-12 participate at least once per week for each course synchronously. 

    Students must be active and engaged during all instructional times. For a student to qualify for online learning, an enrollment/orientation conference with the online learning staff must take place. In addition, a student can have a part-time enrollment at the in-person school of residence and our online program. This individualized approach requires an enrollment conference with the school site and our program before a student is active in that setting.

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